Our Sustainability


As Little Learners EDEC, celebrates its ten-year anniversary, we are taking this opportunity to reflect on the significance of sustainability in our childcare centre.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s a guiding principle that underpins our philosophy which helps shape the future for the children that we nurture and educate. By integrating sustainable practices into our curriculum and daily routines, we instil environmental stewardship in our ‘little learners’ from an early age.

Teaching them about recycling, worm farms, composting, gardening and energy conservation not only reduces our ecological footprint but also fosters a sense of responsibility towards the planet.

Moreover, embedding sustainability into our childcare centre’s ethos prepares our children for a world where environmental challenges are increasingly prevalent. By exposing them to eco-friendly habits and practices, we equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to become conscientious global citizens who prioritise environmental preservation.

Through guided learning and hands-on activities, we empower our little learners to make informed decisions that contribute to a more sustainable future, ensuring that they grow into adults who value and protect the natural world around them.

As part of this ethos, we have incorporated in our daily program things such as feeding our heritage chickens with the left-over scraps from the children’s meals. The chickens love to eat, so if you ever have any left-over scraps that you would like to donate, please bring them along – vegetable scraps are ideal, just not onions. Collecting fresh, organic, free-range eggs, along with herbs and vegetables from our gardens are also an important part of the children’s weekly program. The fresh ingredients are incorporated into our seasonal meals cooked daily at the Centre

Guided learning and hands on sustainability activities throughout the year include

Worm Farms
Noongar Bush Tucker
Seasonal seed Planting of Vegetables and Herbs


Join us as we provide our children with a core foundation that will guide them through life towards becoming active members of the community and stewards of the future. Benefit from being a part of the wonderful family at Little Learners EDEC and become a cherished member of our inclusive family.