Our Story

Little Learners EDEC provides an inclusive and open program where all children are considered unique individuals and diversity is valued.

We provide a variety of activities that encourages the participation of all children while being aware of the children’s home environment and their individual social needs.

We cater for children from all cultural backgrounds who may have special dietary and/or communication requirements and encourage interaction between gender and age groups in a positive way with organised activities and games.

Our Parents

Little Learners EDEC has an open door policy, which means you are most welcome to come and spend time with your child. The educators will ensure you and your child feel safe, happy and welcome at the centre.

Parents are our biggest support. Your encouragement and aid, in whatever way, such as coming to a parent night, collecting bits and pieces for art activities and participating in events such as our careers week is of invaluable assistance.

You are encouraged to become involved with the program of the Centre and your ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

We are always happy to have people come into the Centre with interesting things to show, sing, teach and make with the children, especially activities of a multicultural nature.

To give the children the best opportunity for development, child care educators and parents work hand-in-hand.

We want children to gain the best that is possible from our Centre, so please do keep in touch and discuss your joy, problems, concerns and feelings with the educators.