Our School Readiness Program (SRP)

School readiness has become increasingly important as educational expectations continue to rise. It is our belief that a comprehensive and holistic Kindergarten program is an essential part of a child’s learning experience and essential when transitioning to school.

This year we are launching a School Readiness Program in our Kindergarten room, the program will run alongside the daily planned routines.

At the core of our program is a Child-First Curriculum that is child centered and takes a ‘hands on’ approach, with educators who create a stimulating environment and experiences, which are safe, nurturing, and fun.

The School Readiness Program has been designed in consultation with local schools, kindergartens and childcare centres within the local community and in conjunction with our parents.

SRP Continued

Children who attend our Centre participate in a range of activities that have been planned to meet their developmental needs. Fully qualified teachers and educators use special learning contexts that are designed to maximise the learning outcomes delivered during these activities.

Our School Readiness Program is supplemented by an extracurricular program, which is provided by our internal and external specialist teachers and educators.

In addition to this we will be introducing six safety themes throughout the course of the year, each theme will run for two months and will include topics such as road safety, people safety (tricky people), fire safety, sun safety, water safety and nutrition safety (healthy food and drink choices).

Our goal is to ensure that children graduate from our Kindergarten School Readiness Program fully prepared for their next educational step.

Please refer to the ‘School Readiness Program’ document which includes a detailed breakdown of what we will be doing each week across the four terms of the school year.


About School Readiness Program