Our Philosophy

Education and the significant impact that it has for children, their families and the broader community is the driving force behind our philosophy - ‘that every child deserves the right to be educated’.

This philosophy references Article 28 of the United Nations (UN) Charter on the Rights of the Child.

A copy of the UN Charter displaying 42 Articles is incorporated into our parent enrolment pack, educator induction pack and is clearly displayed in our foyer as you enter the Centre.

The UN Charter is embedded into our daily reflective practice and underpins the Service core values of child-first inclusiveness and children's rights.

We draw upon the the Reggio Emilia approach and the children spend a lot of time outdoors engaging and learning through unstructured play with what many regard as the third teacher: the environment.

Our Goals

We act as an extension of your home and we strive to provide an environment where children feel loved, accepted and secure. 

We develop strong partnerships with our families, creating a smooth and caring transition between the home and the Centre. 

Parent participation is encouraged and educators work in consultation with parents daily.

Children are encouraged to achieve their best socially, emotionally and academically and we listen to their voices. 

We recognise our moral and social obligation to our children, their families and the greater community providing the children with a core foundation that will support them through ​life towards becoming active members of the community.