Our Centre provides the same Kindergarten program as a stand-alone Kindergarten but with so much more!


As your child grows older you will start to consider those all-important decisions of where to enrol them for Kindergarten, Pre-primary, primary school, and eventually high school.

School readiness has become increasingly important as educational expectations continue to rise. It is our belief that a comprehensive and holistic Kindergarten program is an essential part of a child’s learning experience and essential when transitioning to school.

At the core of our program is a Child-First Curriculum that is child centred, and takes a ‘hands on’ approach, with educators who create an environment and experiences which are stimulating, safe, nurturing and fun.

Children who attend our Centre participate in a range of activities that have been planned to meet their developmental needs. These activities are delivered by fully qualified teachers and educators using specific learning contexts that are designed to maximise learning outcomes.

In addition, our program is supplemented by extracurricular enrichment activities provided by our internal and external specialist teachers and educators.

Our goal is to ensure that every child that graduates from our Kindergarten program is fully prepared for their next educational step.

Interested in enrolling your child or have more questions? Please call the Centre Manager on 08 9355 
6941 for more details or email


Choosing the right program for you and your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. Below is a table that highlights some of the key differences between our Long Day Care Kindergarten versus others such as those attached to schools and community-based centres.

What’s included Little Learners EDEC Other Kindergartens
Flexible start and finish times Yes No
Flexible days Yes No
Open 52 weeks of the year Yes No
Nutritious meals provided Yes No
Extracurricular activities Yes No
Incursions Yes No
Year end graduation ceremony Yes No
Program taught in the same Centre as younger siblings Yes No
Care available up until school starts in February Yes No
CCB & CCR available Yes No
Eligibility to attend at four years of age Yes No
Curriculum based on the EYLF Yes No
Play based learning contexts Yes No
Government supported program Yes No
Bachelor and Diploma Qualified teachers Yes No
Full Day Sessions
Online Access
Varied Classes
Friendly Place

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