Our Communication


Communicating with parents about their children’s day-to-day activities is essential for fostering trust and collaboration between caregivers and families.

By providing regular updates, caregivers offer parents valuable insights into their child’s development, learning experiences, and overall well-being.

This transparent communication enables parents to stay informed about their child’s milestones, challenges, and achievements, allowing them to actively participate in their child’s growth and development journey.

Furthermore, effective communication between our educators and our parents facilitates a seamless transition between home and childcare settings. When parents are aware of their child’s daily routines, interactions, and experiences at Little Learners EDEC they can better align their parenting strategies and support their child’s needs accordingly.

This collaborative approach promotes consistency in caregiving practices, reinforces the child’s sense of security and belonging, and strengthens the partnership between parents and childcare professionals in nurturing the child’s holistic development.

We also provide a free app called Kinderloop, allowing our educators to share information with you, our parents and your extended family and friends through real-time updates.

What is Kinderloop

Kinderloop is a free app available on any smartphone/tablet for children enrolled in our Babies and or Toddler rooms. Kinderloop provides a secure way for childcare providers to share information with parents, through real- time updates. Each Kinderloop is a private closed loop, photos are only shared with invited family members, friends and our educators and cannot be shared across the web.

Benefits for Parents

  • Parents receive updates via the free app or email, all in real time!
  • Family members can continue the learning with their children at home creating a continuum of care.
  • Securely invite additional family members and friends worldwide to view your child’s Kinderloop, its free and so is the app!
  • All you need is a smartphone or tablet i.e. iPhone, iPad or Samsung

Save, Secure & Private

  • Password protected.
  • Your Kinderloop is a closed and private loop and can only be viewed by the people you invite.
  • Personalised parent feeds.
  • Linked family members are only sent information relating to their child/ren.
  • Your information is safe & secure.
  • Your Kinderloop content is owned by you and backed up hourly, it’s never shared, anywhere!

Kinderloop will be made available to all those Parents/Guardians that would like to opt into the program.

If you would like to opt into Kinderloop then please fill in the attached consent form and return it to us the next time you are at the Centre.

Looking for more information, please download the Kinderloop Parent Handout –

Interested in joining our Kinderloop then please download and complete the Kinderloop Consent Form –


Join us as we provide our children with a core foundation that will guide them through life towards becoming active members of the community and stewards of the future. Benefit from being a part of the wonderful family at Little Learners EDEC and become a cherished member of our inclusive family.