Additional Information

We will be running two kindergarten programs (ages 3 -5); the Nature Kindergarten is not compulsory and it will run separately to the existing Kindergarten. The existing Kindergarten will still be available for any parents who do not wish to enrol their child in our Nature Kindergarten program.

Our official Nature Kindergarten program will run from 8:30am – 3:00pm Monday – Friday except public holidays and weekends.

However, as we are open from 6:00am to 6:00pm we will be offering FREE before and after Nature Kindergarten care for all children enrolled in our Nature Kindergarten program.

We will not be complying to the confusing ½day/full day, 2 day/3 day fortnights that other Kindergartens stringently enforce.

In a radical move for Kindergartens, you will be empowered to choose not only the day/s but also the times that you drop off and pick up your child.

However, you will be required to select a minimum of two consecutive days and stick to your nominated drop off and pick times so that we can ensure that at all times we have the appropriate number of Educators to children.

What Next

If you are interested in enrolling or waitlisting your child in our Nature Kindergarten program or would like to know more please email or call 08 9335 6941 and ask for the Natalie Procino, Centre Manager or Ken Scott-Hamilton, Director.

For those wishing to enrol in our Nature Kindergarten program you will need to complete a Nature Kindergarten enrolment form and ensure you that you have read the Nature Kindergarten Parent Handbook and relevant policies and procedures.

A copy of the Nature Kindergarten enrolment pack is available upon request and will be sent via email as per our sustainability policy.

A printed copy of the Nature Kindergarten enrolment form can be collected from the Centre.

Once the enrolment form has been completed both guardians/carers will be required to come in for a pre-enrolment meeting. Pre-enrolment meetings will commence from Monday 11th September.

The purpose of the meeting is to go through any questions, concerns or feedback that you may have prior to a place being offered to your child.

This meeting will also be used to explain to you in detail what the Nature Kindergarten program entails and to show you around the Nature Kindergarten so that you are fully aware of the environment that your children will be experiencing when they are here, what they will be doing and where they will eat, sleep and play.